My Resume Reflections

Writing in term of coding

Writing in terms of coding has definitely been challenging and a work in progress for me. Writing in code requires a lot more time and energy to focus on the little details. When I code, I normally spend significantly more time going over everything than I would when I am not coding. When writing a code, everything needs to be exactly correct or else the code does not work, and if you do not remember the exact code, you have to go back and look it up. This can make it a lot more time consuming than traditional writing because of how specific it needs to be. At times, this can be very frustrating and tedious, and this has happened to me a lot. A way I found coding to be easier is with notes during class and outside of class from the book. This makes it easier for me to find and correct my mistakes on brackets, and has also helped me begin to memorize more codes for the future. It is helpful when html picks up on my errors as it will turn the code red at the bottom to let me know something is wrong with my code and then I can go back and go over it again to find the mistake.

Being a COM major, I had to create multiple WordPress for classes. I had to design and style my blog pages by choosing a color scheme, fonts, and the format / structure of the page. But designing a website through WordPress is nothing like coding and styling a page with css. Traditionally when writing, I never really thought much about the fonts I was using and WordPress would usually suggest which fonts go together and I would choose from those. Also for my color scheme, I would just pick individuals ones I liked and that were offered on WordPress. With css I was able to actually find a combination of fonts and color that I truly enjoy and think looks good together. The fonts I chose to use are Quicksand for all of my headers, and Lora for all of my paragraph content. The color I chose I found on the color wheel called “#e6e9e9”, and I am very happy with this color and don't think I will change it on my resume page.

Progress in coding

I believe I have come a long way as compared to when I began this course. When this class first started, I was extremely uncomfortable with coding, and everything I tried to code did not work. It took me awhile before I was able to successfully code something without any outside help. When I started to get the hang of html coding, it was getting easier every time I did it and I would pick up on it more quickly each time. But then we started our css style sheet coding and I was back to square one with feeling uncomfortable with coding again. I struggled a lot with css in the beginning, but I believe I have improved a lot on my level of understanding css and will continue to work on developing my skills. The html and css book has been extremely helpful to me in terms of coding. Each week I feel more and more comfortable with coding, with html and css.

I am very happy with how my resume page has turned out. Since we started coding, I have changed the style of my resume around several times and have tried multiple different styles . I would say I am very comfortable and confident with how my resume looks right now. I do not think I would change the style of my resume even if I had more time. However, I would probably add another section underneath my professional statement that has a separate link which includes a photo and maybe a small personal description of myself. I would make it a separate link and not on my resume page to keep it looking organized and professional.