my final reflection

emotional response..

I believe that I have reached my goal of emotional design, at least in my point of view that reflects me. My site has changed a lot since the beginning of the semester and does not look like what my initial plan was. In the beginning of the semester I knew things I liked and didnt like but didnt think I would be able to figure out how to apply them to my site so I thought that I couldn’t be too picky with what it looks like regarding colors or styling. But as I got more comfortable with coding I had more of a desire to change the colors, fonts, and style - and since then I have changed all of those things on multiple occasions. Once I finally found a style I liked I didn't want to change it so I based it around that and since then it has looked like what I planned for the rest of the semester.

For every page, I made sure I styled it and created a responsive design that was consistent throughout every page. On every page I made sure I linked them to my css page and added my fonts for the text, my colors, the padding and my navigation bar.I stayed with the fonts (quicksand for my headers and lora for my paragraph content) and colors I used for my resume because I really really like them and it looks like something I would have styled it. The colors I used the most was #e6e9e9 that I use for all for all of my headers and padding and then the color I use to compliment it was “whitesmoke” for either subheaders or in some cases my content background color. I think these looks very good together and I am happy with it, it is simple but not boring in my opinion which was one of the brand traits I had on my design persona.

I also focused a lot making sure I edited and applied everything to all screen sizes. For example, one of the thing I altered was my navigation bar, on the computer and tablet screen you are able to every link at the top of my page including my home, about, portfolio, contact, and resume pages. But on a phone screen size I changed it so you only can see the home page link and in the top right corner there's a little “hamburger” that you lick on to see the rest of the links to my pages. This also including the floating I have on a few of my pages on the computer and tablet size, but on the phone size I made it so there was only one column or else it be to hard to read it off a phone. For the phone I made sure I placed the sections of my pages to a certain order that made sense because for my about page the about me section was about the sections of me saying hello and my name, so I made sure to change it so my name was above the picture and about content. Overall, I am very happy with everything on my site and wouldn't change anything on it (from the style aspect) right now, even if I had more time.

my progress...

I believe I have come an extremely long way from the first time I coded in the beginning of the semester to now. I never thought I would be able to do it but I did! I think starting with coding on the resume page and that being the single only page we worked on for the first project. I think that this has helped me with my progress and coding skills for our final complete site.

As of right now, I believe I have been very successful with the outcome of my site and I am very happy with it. I think my biggest success on my site was my portfolio page. My Porfolio Page is four sections of pictures I took of places I visited while studying abroad. Each place or section includes three pictures that I made into a slideshow or carousel. Originally for my portfolio I was going to play it safe and only code my pictures in floats and float them to the left and right, which is what we learn while we coding our resume page. Figuring out how to make a slideshow work and actually be successful was extremely difficult. I even thought about giving up on the slideshow code multiple time and just go with my original floated idea. I tried multiple different codes from different sites and none of them were working. I finally found one that started to work, I at least saw my picture. The slide show wasn’t right but I at least knew that the code was changing something. I spent a lot of time figuring out what each of the codes meant and what code from html was connected to the css code.

I came across a lot of problems coding this, with almost everything about the code. The way I was able to find out what each code meant was I would change one single thing in the code, save it and upload it to my site to see what would change. Once I was able to figure out what things meant I then need to figure out how to style them according to how I was style my page and my photos.

One of the main problems was trying to code it according to a phone screen size. If I had more time I would definitely stay focused on sizing my portfolio page on a phone screen size. Since my portfolio consists of slide shows it was extremely difficult to try to code it to accommodate a phone screen. I spent a lot of time trying to figure how to code this to a phone screen size but was unsuccessful every single. I would probably look up a totally new code that had the multiple screen sizes applied already. I was unable to do that considering the time frame I did not have time to go through an entire new code to figure out what everything meant for the computer screen size, and then the other sizes.

For future classes I would definitely suggest to create a document or notes on your laptop that you copy your code to before deleting it, at least for major changes. I think that has helped me alot I am able to go back and see what they were and if I ever want to get anything you have it right there no need to look it up again or struggling to remember what it was. I definitely do not think i've reached my full potential in coding yet and i don't know if i ever truly will. Coding is a process of trial and error. There will always be something knew to do or try in your code. But I am at a happy and comfortable place with my code and site.