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My name is Caitlyn Ryan and I am 21 years old from New Jersey. I study at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I am a Communications major with a minor in Marketing. The biggest impact I have had in college and life in general so far was when I studied abroad my Spring semester of junior year in Florence, Italy.

Some of my favorite places I traveled to was Paris, Switzerland, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Amsterdam, and Budapest. However, I must admit Florence was my absolute favorite place to be at all times. This amazing experience helped me to become self-reliant, independent and more self-confident. I realized that I love new experiences and meeting new people.

Taking picutres if one of my favorite things to do. My favorite things to take pictures of is my surrondings and my dog, Diesel. I studied abroad in Florence but I had the opportunity to travel to multiple different cities and countries on weekends. This gave me the perfect opportunity to take pictures every place I traveled so I can have the memories of the places I visited to remember forever.

my final reflections

final reflections